Heavenly Sweet Cannabis-Infused Edible

//Heavenly Sweet Cannabis-Infused Edible

Heavenly Sweet Cannabis-Infused Edible

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All Heavenly Sweet Medibles are made using the finest quality ingredients and prepared adhering to the highest standards. They are prepared by an experienced and knowledgeable ServSafe food-handling staff in a Public Health certified commercial kitchen. Heavenly Sweet Medibles are created with the adult palate in mind with satisfying flavor and textural combinations. We carefully weigh, measure and time each product and test with Sequoia Laboratories to ensure consistent medicinal content and reliable effect. Patient satisfaction is our ONLY goal.

We work hard to offer an extensive variety of satisfying and delicious edible options. Your satisfaction is always our primary goal.

In the beginning….the founder of Heavenly Sweet found herself in a local dispensary only to be appalled at the complete lack of quality edibles available. What she found there was unlabeled, inconsistent, misshapen crispy rice treats. This single moment of utter disappointment inspired her to begin her mission to create and provide high-quality, consistently dosed, gourmet edibles. After conducting research of the most effective way to medicate edibles and the tastiest Cannabis strains to compliment various foods, she employed her decades of confectionary experience in the creation of each Heavenly Sweet Medible so that every product is both Heavenly Sweet and Devilishly Good.

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