Source Cannabis Farms – 3.5 grams Jar

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Source Cannabis Farms – 3.5 grams Jar


Source Cannabis Farms takes pride in our organic roots as Los Angeles cannabis cultivators.

We embody the spirit of the California connoisseur culture.

We focus on our connection with the plant and make every effort to ensure that the genetics of our flower express their true characteristics — producing the best aroma, taste, appearance, smoke, and of course, experience.


A holistic, almost spiritual approach to cannabis informs our methods and has led to a stable of vibrant, clean and
powerful strains. All of our offerings are indoor soil grown for the reason that soil is the origin of plant life and we
believe it to be integral to plant wellness. Our environmentally controlled cultivation rooms allow us to adapt to the
needs of each strain. To deepen our connection and communication with the plant, we always hand water, giving each
plant the love she deserves. Flushing our plants with pure water for three weeks not only ensures clean cannabis but
also provides the smoothest smoking experience. We carefully trim each strain based on its genetic profile and cure in
glass until they reach perfection.

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Weight .125 oz

Source OG (I), Skywalker OG (I), Quest (S), White Fire (S), Strawberry Cough (S), King Louis OG (I), Tahoe OG (I), Simple Jack (S), Larry OG (I), Blue Dream (S), Mimosa (S)