Yummi Karma Tinctures

//Yummi Karma Tinctures

Yummi Karma Tinctures


The first complete line of cannabis tinctures in California – each one designed for a different purpose. Formulated with MCT (fractionated coconut) oil, which helps with digestion, improves mood and clarity of thought, and helps fight bacterial infections and viruses.

Our tinctures are best taken under your tongue. We suggest using one full dropper per dose for the desired effect.


Yummi karma products are made with love in the heart of Orange County. The all-women team at YK is recognized as the top manufacturer of female-targeted cannabis products in California. Compliancy, consistency, and innovative product development are what make Yummi Karma an established leader in the edibles and topicals industry.

Launched in 2014, YK has  made a name for itself with infused savory snacks and full tincture lineup. We are the creators of the state’s most popular sleep tincture, Drift Away. Our mission statement is to develop and create high quality products that fit into women’s lifestyles